This is the Samsung Galaxy S8 audio feature the iPhone 7 doesn’t have

The 3.5 mm headphone jack is not dead and the Samsung Galaxy S8 proves it. Although the iPhone 7 is a highly capable device, it’s not the headphone jack that gives the Samsung Galaxy S8 superior audio capabilities. Samsung’s latest flagship includes something else the iPhone 7 lacks – Bluetooth 5.0 – and it’s actually the first smartphone that has it.

Yes, we all loves our wired headphones or earbuds but the Galaxy S8 is ready for the wireless era. In fact, its Bluetooth 5.0 supports two pairs of wireless headphones or speakers at the same time.

The first smartphone with Bluetooth 5.0

So what’s the deal with Bluetooth 5.0? It’s a significant upgrade over Bluetooth 4.2 being twice as fast and having four times the range and eight times the broadcast message capability. These figures come directly from the Bluetooth Special Interest Group, the organization that creates, licenses and sets standards for the Bluetooth wireless protocol.

While it’s great that Bluetooth 5.0 comes with additional bandwidth which would translate into more stable connections, let’s be honest and admit that even in 2017 Bluetooth connections are still somewhat unreliable. Nevertheless, theoretically, Bluetooth 5.0 allows a connection to be maintained up to approximately 800 feet away from the phone. In reality, the distance could be smaller depending on the environment.

What’s most important about Bluetooth 5.0 at the moment is the support for two wireless speaker or headphone connections. This allows for two people to listen to the same song using different hardware. For example, you could listen to a track on your speakers and a friend could hear the same song in the other room using a headset. Of course, this would also allow for two people to participate in a voice chat from just one Galaxy S8 device.

It’s worth noting that the Galaxy S8’s Bluetooth 5.0 only matters if the wireless devices you connect it to also have it. With Bluetooth 5 also being important for the connected home and IoT devices, it’s nice to know that as a Galaxy S8 owner, your smartphone is up to date with the latest standards. It’s also quite obvious we should expect to see Samsung releasing new headphones, speakers and other Bluetooth accessories with the 5.0 standard.

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