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5 Best websites to find people online

These days we have so many social networks and other websites where users can comment, submit content and do other things that will leave some kind of online trace. This certainly makes it easy to find someone on the Internet but if good old Google isn’t giving you relevant results or you don’t want to manually search popular sites one by one, we’ll show you the best websites to find people online.

The Internet has reached a certain age and during all the years since its existence, it has become a huge database containing information about individuals. As long as someone is using the Internet there have probably left some kind of online footprint.

5 Best websites to find people online

The fact that someone can be tracked online so easily comes with both downsides and upsides. On on hand, scammers, and stalkers have a ton of data about us at their disposal (speaking of, be mindful of what you post online, especially about your kids!) and on the other hand, it’s now super easy to find a long lost friend or relative, or just do a quick background search on someone.

With that said, here are the 5 best websites to find people online.

1. Google Groups

If you’re searching for someone that hasn’t been active online recently, Google Groups is one of the best tools to do it. Starting with 1981, Google Groups has been logging Usenet conversations, so right now it contains hundreds of millions of messages and there’s a pretty good chance you’ll find who you’re looking for in there.

2. Pipl People Search

While there are plenty of online tools you can use to search popular social networks, there are just a few that can perform a deep online search on “non-typical” sites and Pipl is one of them.

As a bonus, you don’t just get to search someone by name, you can also use their nickname, email address or phone number. Adding a location is optional but will further narrow down the results. Try it on yourself, you’ll be surprised!

3. FindPeopleSearch.com

FindPeopleSearch.com is a handy tool if you need to perform a basic background check on someone. Compared to similar sites, this one provides more details information including a map of the person’s likely location, family members and more.

4. TruePeopleSearch.com

TruePeopleSearch.com is not like other sites of its kind that offers extensive background information but don’t deliver. As long as you know someone’s name and location chances are high you’ll find that person’s previous addresses and phone numbers, email addresses, and possible relatives among other things.

There’s even a section for possible associates and it seems TruePeopleSearch.com scrapes public data from social sites to get the names of friends, colleagues and other people within that person’s circle.

5. Peek You

PeekYou doesn’t just search the most used social channels like Facebook and Twitter, it also digs deep into other popular sites such as Flickr, Linkedin, Pinterest, Instagram, and others. It also finds related online documents and public records and if you also enter the general location you’ll get some impressive results.

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